When Capitalism met Racism



 I’m not an economist or expert in either of these areas, it’s just my observation of current (and not so current) events.
So… 2020 has been crazy. 
Lots of changes, lots of uncertainty, lots of things going on.
In my personal life, I moved cities, started a job I really liked, started to meet new people, getting more aligned with the life that I wanted and suddenly… Plot twist!
I stayed home, moved in the middle of a pandemic, learned to adapt to the situation and then we started going out again and another plot twist.
Racism is exposed!
I think that when there’s a crisis both the good and the bad come out of people… I also think that the coronavirus has purged a lot and exposed a lot of things that were going on behind the scenes…
Like the systematic racism that has been going on for years and years. 
During lock down, I felt privileged because I had a roof over my head, food, internet, books, music…
I have lived in different countries and have faced a certain degree of racism. I also consciously chose to watch films and TV series that will broaden my mind and help me understand racism in other countries. However, the murder of George Floyd made me realise that I did not know a thing about racism in my own country.
Also, it made me wake up to the fact that if I had been in that scene, if I had seen these policemen in the streets, would have I stopped? Or would I have just walked by? I’ve been taught to just walk by, because they’re just doing their job, right?
I was told that Spain “discovered” America. We were told that because the other culture was underdeveloped, we brought our own to help them develop…
I have learned now that it wasn’t like that exactly. I have written a couple of pieces about this part of history in here, if you are interested.
I have also learned that Spain was one of the biggest countries in slave trafficking… Meaning, someone somewhere became really rich by trading humans and selling them as slaves. There are entire neighbourhoods that were built in Spain “thanks” to this business. 
Yet, we’ve completely erased the existence of slaves in Spain. 


And thus, why I’m writing this post and the others in my other pages. I believe change starts with awareness. I feel like I can only do so much. As a Spanish white person with the privilege to learn about this, I am aiming to make everyone around me aware of this issue and continue to educate myself to know how to take action.

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