The World Is Changing

… And so are you.
With the current situation, most countries are advising/”forcing” people to be inside their houses. We are forced to be in our home, whatever your living arrangement is, and wait until this virus is “gone” or “dealt with”.
This had not happened before for most of us and so it’s a situation that is very hard to navigate. For starters, it’s hard to even grasp what’s going on… Let alone what will happen in the future.
We each have our way to dealing with the situation… Some people are trying to make themselves busy and they book million classes online. Some are feeling down and depressed. Some are baking and over eating. Some are being creative and learning a new skill. None of these things are bad or good (remember?).
This is the way I’m personally seeing it. You can see it from 3 perspectives:
3rd Dimension
This is the world we live in. What we can touch, taste, see, smell and hear. The reality where there is a virus and there are people dying, where the economy is in a weird place, the borders between countries have been closed… Where humans are staying inside their houses and there is a lot of uncertainty and anxiety because we don’t know what’s going to happen.
4th Dimension
In this world, we question what we’ve been told. This is where conspiracy theories are born and there is still a lot of uncertainty, but there is some freedom in questioning the system. In this space, we also realise that nature is regenerating itself and that we can make better choices to live a more harmonious life. There is some hope and feeling of relief because it feels that even if we can’t control certain things, some things will be okay.
5th Dimension
This is the “world” we go when we meditate and trust that the Universe/God/Energy/whatever you believe in has it all planned. Everything is working out best case scenario. We will be alright. We are relaxed, we are taken care of and everything is going to work our one way or another. This is a state where we can chill and feel at ease because everything happens for a reason, so we might as well enjoy the ride.
As I said, most of us have never live a situation like this. The uncertainty and anxiety is real. The hope and feeling of ease are real too. Again, none of these are good or bad, they are just perspectives.
Which is better?
If we stay too much in the 3D world, we would get lost in the anxiety. If we stay in the 4D we might get paranoid with all the conspiracy theories. If we stay in the 5D, we can get so immersed in feeling of ease that we loose touch with reality and we don’t know what’s going on anymore.


So what do we do?
This post is just to try and give you some clarity. I find it useful to know about these “worlds” and jump from one to another. Knowing that what I’m feeling is real and more people are feeling it too, makes me feel less alone in these isolation times.
As with anything, take what helps and leave the rest 😉

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