All About Reiki Healing

What is it?

“Reiki” is a compound word: 
  • Rei: Universal Energy/from God, divine, omnipresent in the universe and makes it able to keep expanding (spiritual part). 
  • Ki: Vital force, all living being’s life that irradiates cater and energy (part of the physical body). “Prana” for Hindus, “chi” for Chinese. 
Liberal definition: Universal energy of life guided or directed by God or spiritually.
Long definition: Rei is the intelligent and healing universal energy formed by the consciousness of the universe in which we all participate. This energy guides and directs Ki or Vital Force so that it is absorbed by our material and immaterial bodies. This energy gives us a good feeling physical, mental and spiritually.

What does Reiki do?

It is an integral healing and self healing system. It is also a way to express love through universal energy and the impositions of hands because:
– It acts in the physical realm, healing the body.
– Acts in non-physical realms, healing mentally, emotionally and spirituality because it reactivates and harmonises chakras, subtile bodies and aura layers.
– It is a technique of energetic balance because it melts all energetic blocks that don’t allow the free flow of energy in a living being.

How does Reiki work?

This is done through the imposition of hands in the key energetic points in the body. A Reiki session usually last 30 minutes to an hour. However, it is not a rigid system, it depends on the patient.
The person receiving it laying down or sited, relaxes and depending on the body’s needs, they will feel more or less warmth in certain parts of the body. The person giving it can feel it in different ways depending on the balance of the energy of the other person.
Personally, it helps to know which part of yourself is balance. I can allow you to solve, or at least know, the reason behind certain blocks.
The real healing happens only when the person is able to follow their life in a balanced way. Meaning, not only their physical body but also their thoughts, emotions and spiritual dimension.


Who is Reiki for?

Reiki is for everyone. It is a spiritual practice as well as a healing tool that is meant to help us. Imagine Reiki as a ray of light energy that allows you to be in a calm and relax state… It is easier to think more clearly and to feel more at ease with your body, emotions and soul.
These are a few of the effects that Reiki can have on people.
– It helps us calm our fear and existential doubt (what are we here for, why…). 
– It gives us back the joy of living and existing. We feel more energetic and happy. 
– It gives us a more objective vision of our issues and of the rest of the people.
– It helps us evolve and mature, because in a calmed state we can see negative emotions that will lead to physical sickness.
– Heals the physical body, without taking the doctor out of the equation.

Where can I get a Reiki Session?

You can learn Reiki through a certified course in your area. I recommend you to go physically to a place and avoid Online Reiki Courses. 
If you live in Spain, you can book with me here. If not, you can look in your local Reiki Association website.

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