Reiki Healing Sessions

What is Reiki?

“Rei” is the intelligent and healing universal energy… “good energy”. This energy guides and directs “Ki” or Vital Force so that it is absorbed by our material and immaterial bodies. This energy gives us a good feeling physical, emotional and spiritually.

What happens in a Reiki Healing session?

I direct this energy with my hands to different energetic points of the body (chakras). These chakras can sometimes be too “open” or too “closed”. What Reiki does is that it brings those energy points back to a balance.
Once in this state, some physical, emotional and spiritual issues can come to the surface. 
The person receiving Reiki normally just feels warmth in my hands or other sensations, but it doesn’t physically hurt. It’s a relaxing experience and a moment to pause.
Then, I like to have a chat with the people I give Reiki to so that they are aware of those energetic blocks.


Also, I believe everything is energy (money included). The person who gives Reiki acts as a channeller for the energy that heals your physical, emotional and spiritual body. As much as I love helping people and giving Reiki, it is still an exchange of energy and should be treated with respect.

What do other people say about it?

Having a Reiki healing with Marta was a calming experience. I hadn’t had it before and she explained everything patiently. It felt like when I’m meditation and it was very relaxing. She also helped me with personal issues while being really respectful of my privacy. I would recommend her energy healing because it can help with any situation you’re dealing with in your life.
Narilla, London
I had the opportunity to receive a Reiki session from Marta and here goes my personal experience: First thank you for the possibility of receiving that gift. I felt a deep relax, such was that I almost fell asleep. At that time I was anchored in sadness and stuck to say it in some way. Honestly the session was like a cup of positive energy.
María, Spain
This Reiki session with Marta was an experience well worth it. She set the mood (music and incense) which made it even better. Marta is very patient and calm and gives you a lot of serenity. She takes the time so that the session is productive. It did not leave me the same, 100% recommended!!!
Elena, Spain
I had a great experience with Marta’s session. After the session, I felt like my energy was cleansed and it gave me a lot of clarity. I could make decisions in a more straight forward way and was also ready to let go. A week later, I still had the clear and peaceful mindset. Marta was sensitive, professional and clear-minded during the session. I highly recommend her!
Laura, Taiwan

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