Quarantine Tales #4

“Going back to normal”
That’s what everyone says… As I’ve mentioned on previous blogs, I don’t feel like we’re going back to “normal” or that we should go back to it… 
In Barcelona, we’re now in phase 1 of “descalating”. I should feel excited to go back to being able to be in the streets whenever I want… but I’m not.  This quarantine has made me afraid of the outside. There are still people dying from the virus and we’re going out already?
I’ve also heard and read that the vaccine will have a location device so that the government can know where you are and what are you doing at all times. You know… for “safety”.
Does this sound as conspiracy? Yes. Would it surprise me if it was not a conspiracy? No.
I feel it could very much be real because the numbers don’t add up. I am aware of people dying and I’m fortunate and privileged enough that this doesn’t affect me directly in terms of the virus itself. Yet, there’s this hazy image that looks like it’s all a power game in which I can either join in the victors or… (best case scenario) live in the woods without taking part in society?
It feels like the Matrix is making us choose between the red and the blue pill. The red being living in the woods without any help. But I feel like that’s what I’ve learnt during this pandemic. I don’t need that much. A roof over my head, food and human contact. 
This might sound hippy AF, but it doesn’t sound that bad.
As much as I am part of the movement of choosing the light and not focusing on the bad stuff… There is too much darkness going on that I just don’t feel I can ignore it. I don’t know what to do about it either… except talking about it and following my instincts.
Hope you can follow yours too.

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