Quarantine Tales #3

At the early days of the lock down, I felt very anxious but also secure. 
Anxious because we’re living a freaking pandemic
Secure because I had (still do) food, shelter and my family and loved ones were good.
What I did to deal with this anxiety was to do a little list of things I could do and things I had control over:
  • Stay at home, even though I had just moved to another city and the beach is 10 min away from where I lived
  • Not go into panic mode and panic-buy toilet paper. Instead, smile while at the supermarket and be calm and kind
  • Help out the elder neighbours (do their shopping for them)
  • Call my grandparents/family/friends… We’re all going through the same thing! 
The anxiety and discomfort of not knowing what’s happening or what’s going to happen was (and most days is) still there, but I chose (and most days still choose) not to focus on it.

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