Quarantine Tales #2

I don’t watch the news. I am barely in Social Media right now. There is so much negativity right now that sometimes it feels like it’s the end of the world.
I’ve heard so many people saying that when this is all over, it will be the same. People are still going to be absent minded, disrespectful towards nature, and the rich will still be the rich. 
But then I think how nature is regenerating itself, how governments are showing their true colours, how we’re forced to stay at our freaking homes and think, for once, what we actually want to do with our lives.
It is impossible to go back to “normal”. Normal was the actual problem. 

I believe everything happens for a reason.

The fact is that we have stopped and nature is still there and actually, better than before. These images have gone viral. People are thinking about nature now. It didn’t use to happen before. At least one person is going to think twice about changing into a vegetarian diet.
The fact is that so many are working from home. It didn’t feel like actual work, but now that we’re forced to do so, it’s a new “normal” way of working. At least one person will think twice about becoming a freelancer.
The fact is that people are dying in hospitals, without their families and loved ones. This makes us think and value life and the time we do have with our loved ones.

Energy is contagious.


Be careful which kind of energy you’re surrounding yourself with.

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