Tarot and Oracle Reading



Everything happens for a reason… and that if out of 78 cards, you pick X amount, it can be just a coincidence, sure. But it can teach you a different perspective that you weren’t aware of before.
I will not tell your future. The cards can only tell you where you are and the natural progression of your actions. I personally see it as a self-development tool more than a fortune telling technique.
I generally like to do a general reading of your current situation and then go more into detail about whatever topic you need to know more (love, money, work, family, friendships…).
I usually do it in about an hour and it can be done online or in person (Barcelona, Spain). If online, the session can be recorded so that you can watch it back as many times as you want.
Once purchased, I will be in contact with you to arrange the time and place/platform for the session. 


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