Marketing and Manipulation

As stated in a previous blog, I have a weird relationship with money. I think it comes from seeing money used in despicable and evil ways and me not wanting to become that. However, I know and understand that it is necessary to survive in the Matrix and the system. It can also be used for good and I know money itself is not evil. How it is used will determine its value to humanity.
We’ve been bombarded with advertisement everywhere, since we were really young. So now, having gone through the system, and seeing “spiritual” people following the exact same methods to sell their stuff just rubs me the wrong way. It makes my skin crawl, actually. Because if you are “spiritual” and on this path of “awakening”, then you know it’s all an illusion. 
Sure, we need to survive. But there are ways and ways. Do you really need to survive manipulating people? ‘Cause for me that’s what’s marketing is all about. I haven’t studied it at university, I have only done all the webinars and all the mini courses online about selling. I’ve listened to podcasts and read books and articles, watched videos about it… you name it. For me, it comes down to manipulation.
I’ve heard from several people this kind of story “Imagine you are in the beach and you see someone drowning… Wouldn’t you give this person a hand? Save them? You can do it by selling them your product!” 
Surely if they were drowning, I would just save them, not try to sell them anything though?!
Marketing and selling strategies feel so icky because they look for the weakness in you and try to take advantage of it. 


You have a service/skill/product you want to sell.
You find a specific person who would benefit from that product.
You get to know this specific person so that you know exactly how this product will benefit them.
You show this client that if they don’t buy your product, how miserable their life will be.
You show this person, now client, that with your product their life will become better.
You reiterate how annoying is their current life situation and how easy it is to just buy your product.
Maybe this is the minimalist in me talking, but you don’t need whatever product they’re trying to sell you. You need water, food, shelter, breathing, human contact… That rules out their product (mine included).
Now, you might realise that I do offer Tarot & Oracle Readings, Reiki Healing Sessions and Courses. All of the above apply to my products too. Don’t feel like you need them. If you are interested and sound that they might help you, they are there and I’m here for you.
But please don’t ever think that you NEED something to be happy. You really don’t. It might help, but at the end of the day it’s you who makes you happy.

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