Law of the Mirror

You’ve probably heard of the Law of Attraction. There are a few more “Laws of the Universe” that I honestly don’t know how they started, who wrote them, how do we know they are true… 
But some of them have become true for me, so this series is basically me trying to understand them and how they work.
I was having a very nice time in the beach. I went at 10AM in the morning, so there was not a lot of people. There were families, friends, a few single people and the occasional beach-seller. I’m not sure how it is in other countries, but in Spain, there are immigrants that sell water, beer and clothes in the street (by street I mean seaside walks, parks, beaches, etc.). They usually come by several times, so if you don’t want something, it can be tiring to hear them constantly offering you stuff to buy.
Anyway, I was enjoying my time in the beach listening to an audiobook and this foreign man with his family (a kid of no more than 4 years old) came walking by the seashore. He saw one of these immigrants selling stuff and out of nowhere started screaming at him racial slurs and told him to “F*CK OFF”. Everyone around was surprised by the tone, but no one did anything. I pull out my earphones and tell this man “Hey, don’t be rude” in English and I keep starring at him, until he finally walks off. 
I am baffled that no one said a thing. Even more so as to why would anyone get out of their way in a freaking beach to scream at person who is simply offering stuff. You can just say “no, thank you”, and continue on your marry way. But no, you had to scream at this man.
I was also talking to a family member recently. At one point during the conversation, without me pointing fingers at anything, she started telling me what I was doing wrong in our relationship. These were things that I knew that I was not doing at all and that I recognised she was the one who is actually doing them. If you want the full story you’ll have to go and listen to my new podcast (here for Spotify, everywhere else look for Realistic Spirituality 😉 ).
These incidents made me think about the “Law of the Mirror”. I personally believe that this whole world is like a giant mirror. Whatever you hate in other people is normally what you hate about yourself. 
In the story of the man in the beach… I don’t know, but I want to guess that he is the CEO of a company that is going down in numbers due to coronavirus and he was mad this other guy who is an immigrant is making money in a questionable (in terms of the law) way. Maybe this company has questionable work ethics and so, what he is reacting to is to himself being earning in a questionable way. Subconsciously, at least.
Of course, it’s more fun and funny to see it from the outside.
But when you’re on the side of the CEO, and you stop and think for a second…
I believe that whatever you offer is what you have inside… so you’d better clean that mirror, right? This way you might even like what’s reflected.

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