Ecology, Money & Power

So, I watched this video made by Greenpeace Spain where several Spanish actors and artists were talking about how urgent is that we take care of the planet. I agree, but I can also see that they have the money, time and resources to care and do something about it. 
I’m a vegetarian/vegan since May 2019. I did it because I felt better when I didn’t eat meat. The animals part is a plus, for sure! But it was not my priority at that time.
I don’t know if you know, but tofu is one of the foods to change for meat. Because I eat tofu, among other things I’ve noticed the prices of different stores. There is a big supermarket here in Spain that sells tofu for 2,40. With one package, I can eat at least 4 meals, so it’s not bad at all. However, you go to an organic, healthy, bio shop and they charge you twice.
My train of thought on this is the following:
If it’s so natural, if I can just go to the country side and eat an apple, why is your organic juice more expensive than getting a normal apple? Isn’t it the same? Sure, you use less pesticides. You might take more care of each apple… But that doesn’t mean more money, necessarily.
There is this brand that has grown a lot in the past 2, 3 years called Heura. I went to buy some of their products the other day, but a small package that would feed me 1 or 2 meals at most… costs 5 freaking euros?!
If you want the world to be ecologic and to help the world switch to a more plant-based diet…
Why is it only for the rich?
On top of this, these organic products are covered and surrounded by freaking plastic. I find it very ironic.
By covering everything with plastic and setting a high price, what you do is:
1. Defeat the purpose of organic and sustainable living.
2. Give meat-eaters the excuse to not change and keep eating meat.
3. Only allow rich people to benefit from good food.
This internal monologue about ecology lead me to think about all the different privileges and contrasts that there are in society. I came across a video where they explain all the privileges and social constructs that people can fall into. Tiny disclaimer here, if you feel triggered… “privilege” does not mean that your life was not hard, it just means that you had a head start for some things in life.
The first one that affects everyone is being poor or being rich, so… money. Then there is your gender, your race, your sexuality and all those good things… 
In the documentary “The Pyramids Codes” they talk about ancient civilisations in Egypt. They described that at one point, they were all equal. They did not have slaves, everyone contributed with what they were good at. It was a very utopian society… until one day, another tribe came and introduced the idea of commerce. They gave people vases and this once utopian society started to see it as materialistic wealth and that gave you power. So they started to corrupt and want more and more power.
Classism, racism, sexism, homophobia, etc are all privileges that separate us and that, at the end of the day, it’s just another way to make people feel more “powerful” over other people.
These privileges and structures have been set up in this way for centuries.
Now, if we start from the notion that are all one, there is a least a tiny piece of us that is agreeing with all of these dynamics. However, I also believe that we are here to learn.
The 3D world is hardcore, this matrix is difficult to live in and it can be really hard to navigate. I feel like my life is about living as a human, experiencing living as a human being and trying to help the creator/universe/god/wahtever you want to call it… so that there is less and less tension in this little corner of the universe.
Tension is never nice to experience, so instead, I try so that every interaction I have comes from a place of love instead of adding to the tension, ‘cause I see that there’s already enough of that.

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