Discover Yourself: In-Construction

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Meditation? Yoga? Journaling? 
If you live in the 20th century I bet you’ve seen all the “wellness” people talking about these things.
I was confused and quite overwhelmed by all the different modalities that at the end of the day were supposed to make you feel more relaxed.
This course is meant to be a starting guide to the common tools. It is presented in three sections so that it is easy to digest. 


This is a course that will help you understand better and work on yourself on a daily basis and in both a practical and a spiritual way.

The Modules...


Self Care



This is a self-taught course, so you can start and finish whenever it’s convenient for you.
This course is thought to be done in 3 weeks, but we each have our own rhythm, so it will depend on you and how much time you put into it.
Also, I can give you all the tools but if you don’t actually work on yourself, it won’t do anything for you. 


As an introvert and generally shy person, I found it difficult to approach anyone to talk about my issues. It can feel really overwhelming… And even though I think that we need to step out of our comfort zones, there are certain topics that call for a more intimate setting.
This is why the course is 100% online and also written, with videos and audios to go along with it.
You can check the “My Story” lesson of the course in the introduction for more info about myself.


I am a millennial world citizen – Spanish origin – who tried to follow the “traditional” path but "failed" at it. I help people follow their own path by sharing Realistic&Spiritual tools (AKA helping you out with your personal development). Like an Oprah, but like Lizzo style ;)