Who is Marta RV?

Marta RV is a millennial who is originally from Spain, who helps people to follow their own path by sharing Spiritual tools with a Realistic twist that have helped her during her own journey.


Kindda like Oprah but with a Lizzo/Beyoncé style 😉

I am a millennial who tried to follow the “traditional” path: I did a degree at university, then my MA on a similar topic, and tried to work on what I studied. After doing an unpaid internship in an office, in what I thought it was my dream city, it felt like “I made it!” (more about this on here).
However, *shocker* like for a lot of people, it didn’t work out the best for me. I was actually in the darkest time I’ve had in my life. I had followed the “path”, done the “right” things… Yet I was so stressed, tired, frustrated… I didn’t like my life at all and felt unfulfilled and anxious about my future.
After that unpaid internship ended, I took the terrifying leap of following a totally different career path. I found a (PAID!) job in a restaurant and felt like I had the control over my life again. I also felt extremely valued by my colleagues, who became a second family. 
There were some wins and some loses… As there is with everything. 
My family and friends who knew me before were confused. I was always passionate about my university degree. I had also been pretending I was alright. Once I explained why I was taking this other path, some understood, some didn’t but…
Since that moment, I focused and worked hard on my own goals that I even forgot I had. I fulfilled my two main dreams in one year: to go to Taiwan (and live there) and to go to Cuba (and dance salsa for a whole month).
I went through a different path and I’m now working in what I love to do. And what’s more important: I am happy. I am joyful. I am grateful to wake up every single morning.
While going on this adventure, I have learnt so much about spirituality and about actual tools that have helped me become the person I am today. Being the massive sceptic person that I am, it’s taken a while. But I have accumulated knowledge from reading, watching, listening, talking to countless of people sharing their view, that I felt it was time to share my point of view too.
I’m not going to tell you just “don’t worry, be happy”, “think happy thoughts” or any of that empty messages.
I’m here to share a Realistic way of living that allows physical, emotional and Spiritual health and growth.
I do hope you join me and enjoy the journey to following your own path.