All About The Moon

It is commonly said that if the moon can move the ocean, it naturally affects us humans at some capacity, since we’re 70% made of water.
I do feel a certain way when its full moon and I notice the mood of people changing when it’s new moon. However, I’m not checking the calendar daily to see if the moon is crescent or descent or whatever…
There is lots of info online with the different phases of the moon. For the sake of simplicity, I’m just going to tell you what I’ve learnt and what I personally do, but feel free to expand or cut it down if it doesn’t resonate.
New moon
New things or opportunities suddenly appear. It’s a time when I feel like planning, I make “to do” lists (that I forget till next month), I feel like cleaning my space and that I need to check my bank account to make sure everything is taken care of. It’s like a monthly reminder to check my “to do” list.

I re-organise/clean my living space and check on my finances/to-do lists.

Full moon
Emotions are felt more deeply, so people are more sensitive to everything. It’s a time when I think of past mistakes, issues, problems… and I feel like I need to let it go. It feels like monthly clease of everything that does not serve me.

I write everything that is bothering me in a paper, I meditate on it and I burn it.

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