All About Energy

I personally believe in energy.
I believe we were made out of energy and everything is created through energy. When we relate to each other that is energy too. A table is energy, you just don’t physically see the protons attached to the electrons. 
So if everything is energy, it means that the Universe is energy too. And as a consequence, you are the Universe in some form. You are a unique mix of cells and energy. Your energy blueprint is different from your mum’s and dad’s. Each of us have a different goal, purpose or mission for this lifetime. 


There is energy that feels “good” and another that feels “bad”. There has to be an equilibrium, so from the standpoint of the Universe, there is nothing that is good or bad, everything it just is. 
A good thing can help us grow… but so can a bad thing. Let me be more specific. 
A mom telling her child to shut up can make the child feel bad and unworthy. He will feel that he does not deserve love or to communicate his needs. This can create trauma and make the child afraid to voice his opinion as an adult. But it can also expansion and empowerment, once he does the work as an adult and heals from this inner child wound. 
Going back to the belief that everything is energy, this means that in the previous example, both the child and the mum are the Universe. So we’re constantly experiencing different sections of the Universe. If we are the universe experiencing itself and everything that happens is an expansion, what’s the point? It might feel like we don’t have any power. 
You do have power and free will exists. There is always a chance to either create negativity and trauma/issues to other people or to expand and empower yourself and others.


It’s really up to you. Sometimes we can’t really control the situation, but we surely can control how we react to it.


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