About Marta RV

Why Realistic Spirituality?

The name Realistic Spirituality reflects my aim with this website:

Without forgetting that we live in the real world (Realistic), sharing the Spirituality knowledge and tools that have helped me so that others can help themselves too.

Who Am I?

My name is Marta Ramírez Vaquero and I help people who are tired of following other people's paths to follow their own and to live a more fulfilling life. I do this by sharing the Spiritual tools that have helped me in discovering my own path.


My Story

I am a millennial world citizen - Spanish origin - who tried to follow the “traditional” path. I did a degree at university, then my MA on a similar topic, then tried to work on what I studied.


After working way harder than I should have in a office, not being paid, in what I thought it was my dream city, I was in the darkest place I've been in my life. I had followed the "path", the "right" things... yet I was so stressed, tired, frustrated... I actually hated my life and felt unfulfilled and anxious about my future. I honestly... didn't want to live.


However, I was alone in London, and if I didn't step up and lived my life, no one would. So I took the leap and jumped. And I was terrified, but after a few months, I landed on a job where I found my "second" family, where I found freedom and where I found value in myself.
Since that moment, everything started to make sense again and I was back on track. I focused and worked hard and I fulfilled my two main travel dreams in one year: to go to Taiwan (and live there) and to go to Cuba (and dance salsa for a whole month).

Marta being stressed but keeping it together
When you're really stressed out but having to make as if you're keeping it together...




London, 2015

When you realise you didn't really need to do
what everyone else was doing...

Taiwan, 2019


I just had to follow my own path...

Cuba, 2019

What now?

I went through a different path and I'm now working in what I love to do. And what's more important: I am happy. I am joyful. I am grateful to wake up every single morning.


While going on this adventure, I have learnt about Spirituality. Being the massive sceptic person that I am, it's taken a while. But I have accumulated so much knowledge from reading, watching, listening, talking to countless of people sharing their view, that I felt it was time to share my point of view too.

I am now passionate about sharing the Spiritual tools that have taken me where I am.
I’m not going to tell you just “don’t worry, be happy”, “think happy thoughts” or any of that empty messages.
 I’m here to share a realistic way of living that allows physical, emotional and spiritual health and growth.


I know you're busy, because I am too. I only write one email per week... Just to keep you up to date in what I'm doing, seeing, learning...


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