Discover Yourself: Re-Launching Yourself


Welcome to Discover Yourself: Re-Launching Yourself Course.
This course is intended for people who are past the process of getting to know themselves better and work on themselves. It is recommended to have done the previous courses in this platform (De-Construction&In-Constructions) or to have done some type of work on self-awareness.
This course is divided into practical tools that have helped me reaffirming the work that I have done in myself. I would recommend you to try one each week (thus, the duration of the course), but you can also do it at your own pace.
As you can see in the curriculum of the course, there are three sections: Self-Confidence, Practices and Boundaries.
I would like to invite you to book a session with me at any point in the course. This call is 30 minutes long, it will be online and you can ask me any questions you may have.
Lastly, I would like to add that I am not a therapist or physiologist. This is just me sharing my journey and the tools that have helped me in working on myself and I hope it helps you too!
I hope you enjoy this course and this journey.
Without further ado, let’s do this! 🙂

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